How We Built: The Throne at Game of Crowns, Kensington Palace

Hide&Seek are a company that we’ve been fans of for a while now, so when they contacted us about building an installation piece for Kensington Palace’s Christmas 2013 celebrations we jumped at the chance.

They were creating a series of games to be played throughout the Palace, inspired by an event hosted by King William III in 1699, when he invited “persons of the best quality” into the Palace for a month long series of parties and games. Among these games was the opportunity for one lucky individual to be crowned King or Queen for the day, an opportunity that Hide&Seek wanted to recreate. A couple of workshops later and the idea of creating a massive talking throne was developed (oh how our collective ten-year-old selves rejoiced). Visitors would be able to create their own title from a mix of serious and not-so-serious adjectives, titles and places. They’d then take their seat on the throne which, with all due pomp and ceremony, would present them to the crowd. A theatrical moment, something straight out of a fairy tale.

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